what makes jack's special so special?

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These days, everybody‘s talking about eating better—better quality, better nutrition, better, fresher ingredients. It‘s easy to eat better when you have the time, the culinary skills and the resources. Trouble is, in our increasingly hectic world, quality kitchen time is getting harder to come by. So we eat what we can, even if it‘s not the best for us, and we get on with doing what we have to do in our busy day.

That‘s why I started Great Fresh Foods. I had a modest vision: Change the way the world eats by offering great, protein-based foods that can be prepared quickly and easily, for those times when you just don‘t have an hour to spend lovingly preparing a healthy meal. Take our Jack‘s Special Grilled line of stuffed chicken burgers. They‘re fully cooked, truly stuffed with savory cheeses and other ingredients, and individually packaged in a revolutionary new pouch that lets you prepare them quickly and easily. In as little as a minute you can have a delicious burger that tastes like it‘s fresh off the backyard grill. Or, choose from other delicious grilled, center-of-the-plate items, like tender marinated Chicken Breasts., or succulent Jamaican -Style Chicken.

So, what‘s the twist? Convenience and quality like you‘ve never experienced before in the category. We‘re out to change the way the world eats—for the better!